At Picture Framing & Art Gallery, we are photography specialists. We offer services relating to photography, including:

  • Photo Scanning
  • Negative scanning
  • Slide scanning
  • Digital Restoration
  • Printing on paper
  • Printing on canvas
  • Archival framing
  • Gallery exhibit framing

About the owner: Kathy Hunt, partner at Picture Framing & Art Gallery has a degree in graphic design and photography. This, along with a lifetime of experience gives her a unique skill set to be able to creatively and artistically transform your images.

About our services: Your original photos/negatives/slides are never altered in any way. They are handled with care, scanned into our system, and that copy is manipulated in our digital darkroom. Your originals are returned in the same condition as we received them.

We also offer a "Gallery Special" framing package which is great for photographs!

We can custom frame your newly restored photos.


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