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Additional Services Offered

Framing Assessment: We can inspect your current framing to see if it is protecting or harming your artwork. We can then make recommendations for upgrades if it is harmful to your art.

Art Pre-Appraisal: With our extensive art experience, we can let you know if your piece has enough value to warrant a professional appraisal service. We can then refer you to qualified individuals to provide a full appraisal for you.

Art Pre-Restoration: In addition to the pre-appraisal, we can make recommendations for art restoration services as needed. We can then refer you to qualified restoration artists for works on paper, canvas, etc.

Replacement Values for Insurance Claims: We can provide you with quotes for comparable replacement value for framed items. This includes custom mirrors, broken glass, etc. These services may be necessary for damages sustained in a move, theft, fire, flood, etc.